Why Does Your Furnace Keep Tripping the Reset Button?

You may occasionally require heater service in Desert Hot Springs to ensure your furnace is operating properly, which is essential for a comfortable winter season. A comfortable indoor temperature is guaranteed by having a working furnace. However, the reset button on your furnace can constantly trip, a common issue in most furnaces.

It promptly shuts off the furnace unit when the button is tripped. In some circumstances, the button is designed to turn off the device. However, it can be frustrating when the button trips and turns the furnace off without reason. As the furnace starts up and shuts down again, its energy usage may also increase. 

The Function of the Furnace Reset Button

The furnace unit inside the blower compartment often comes with a reset button. They are primarily designed as safety features. When the furnace gets too hot, it assists in turning it off. As a result, the circuit breaker won’t be tripped by the hot furnace. However, some potential triggers for the furnace reset button to trip often.

Reasons Why a Furnace Reset Button Trips

If your furnace’s reset button keeps tripping, it indicates that a heating repair service is required to rectify it. Contact the professionals at Hermetic Heating and Air Conditioning in Desert Hot Springs to schedule a service. Your reset button may trip for various reasons, including those listed below:

  • No Fuel

The depletion of fuel could cause the reset button to activate if your furnace runs on gas or oil. It’s an easy fix that you can do quickly to ensure that the fuel loss won’t harm or disrupt your HVAC system. You can determine whether a fuel outage is a problem by quickly inspecting the gasoline tank. If so, you can have the tank filled again.

  • Blocked Gas Valves

Another potential cause of your reset button tripping repeatedly could be blocked or closed gas valves. The fuel supply to the furnace is cut off if a gas valve attached to it is shut down accidentally or on purpose. As a result, unless the valve is opened again, the reset button trips. If you encounter a situation like this, you might wish to inspect the gas valves. Verify this by looking at your unit’s valves to ensure everything is in the right place.

  • Overheating

The reset button is meant to prevent overheating furnaces, which may be a serious issue. If your furnace is tucked away in a place with little airflow, it might repeatedly overheat. As a result, the reset button may trip frequently. You can resolve this issue by contacting the experts at Hermetic Heating and Air Conditioning for heating repair in Desert Hot Springs.

  • Dirty Air Filter

An essential part of any HVAC system is the air filter. Dust, grime, and other particles are kept out of the furnace unit by the air filter. Our professional heater service experts in Desert Hot Springs advise cleaning your filter at least once every three months to save your unit from suffering serious harm.


Calling an expert is important if you have any of these issues and need an emergency heating repair in Desert Hot Springs. Hermetic Heating and Air Conditioning professionals can inspect your unit without further harming your HVAC system. Calling them for routine maintenance to protect against more serious issues in the future.