Ductless Services In Desert Hot Springs, CA

Ductless units are all the rage these days, as people dislike systems with too many ducts, pipelines etc. On the other hand, ductless mini-split and split systems are relatively easier to install without any ductwork. Ductless systems are beneficial for your pocket as well. Hundreds of dollars in electricity costs can be saved using them. Such a system can lower your heating bills by 50 percent and your cooling bills by 30 percent.

Moreover, ductless systems provide zoned heating, leading to energy conservation. If you need help with ductless mini-split and split system installation, then contact Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the best ductless services in Desert Hot Springs team, which offers top-notch services!

Why Do We Offer the Best Ductless Services in Desert Hot Springs?

Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning has been in the business for quite a while now. We know how ductless systems work and know the best way for installing them without causing a mess in your house! You can choose this system when your electricity bills skyrocket and also when you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Once bought, you need professional assistance as well. Here is where we come in. 

There are many reasons why you should choose our services :

  • Experience in working: Over the years, our technicians at Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning have gained insight and experience through working over ductless systems. We have installed thousands of systems by now and repaired even more. T gives us an edge over other competitors, as we know what we’re getting into.

  • Timely deliverance and flexible schedule: We know that your time is of utmost importance. So, we schedule appointments when it suits you to be there. Apart from that, we also strive to provide our clients with a same-day response. It is quite likely that we’ll be there to help you with your ductless unit the day you call us!

  • Required certifications and qualifications: All of our technicians have been certified by the required authorities and institutions, signifying that we employ only the best in our company. It helps us maintain our reputation as a recognized service provider while offering first-rate experience to our clientele.

What Services Do We Offer?

Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning offers various ductless services for your convenience. We can cover all your ductless needs, starting from installation to yearly maintenance and tune-ups. 

We Offer: 

  • Ductless Installation
  • Ductless Maintenance
  • Ductless Tune-Up
  • Ductless Service
  • Ductless Replacement
  • Ductless Repair

We offer yearly maintenance plans for your ductless split and mini-split systems. These maintenance plans ensure that your ductless systems are at the top of their game. Also, we can suggest to you which ductless system to buy according to your house and temperature needs.

If you need a company that can fulfil all your ductless needs, contact Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning. We undoubtedly have the best ductless HVAC repair Desert Hot Spring team who is willing to professionally take care of your systems. So, if you ever need a new ductless installation, or catch your ductless system lacking, then give us a call on (760) 894-9065 or visit our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

A ductless system, or ductless mini-split, is an HVAC system that doesn't use ductwork. It includes an outdoor unit and indoor units mounted on walls or ceilings. Indoor units connect to the outdoor unit via refrigerant lines. The system extracts heat from indoor air in cooling mode and transfers it outside, and vice versa in heating mode. If you are interested and are in need of services in the area, call us for more information on ductless services in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Benefits of a ductless system over traditional HVAC system:

  • No need for ductwork
  • Targeted heating and cooling
  • Energy efficiency and lower utility bills
  • Easy installation and flexibility in zoning
  • Improved indoor air quality

The installation time for a ductless system depends on various factors, such as the number of indoor units, the installation's complexity, and the space's size. Generally, a typical installation can take a few hours to a few days. It's best to consult a professional HVAC technician from Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning for accessible ductless services in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

No, you don't necessarily need a separate unit for each room in your home. Ductless systems are designed to provide zoned comfort, meaning multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit.

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your ductless system running efficiently. Having your ductless system serviced at least once a year is recommended. A professional Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning technician can provide you with professional ductless services in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Call us today!

While ductless systems are reliable, some common issues can occur over time. These include refrigerant leaks, dirty filters, electrical problems, sensor issues, and clogged drain lines. If you experience any problems with your ductless system, don't hesitate to contact Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning for professional assistance.