What’s a Good SEER Rating?

When searching for a new air conditioner in California, it can be tough to go through the numerous brands and information available. As you must select the best model for your location and climate and the appropriate size for your house. 

There are even more elements to consider if you want tax refunds, savings, or anything that performs well. However, one of the most important and most confusing factors is the SEER rating of an air conditioner. 

Also, when your air conditioner requires frequent AC repairs in Desert Hot Springs, you should consider replacing it. However, replacing an existing air conditioning system entails several factors, including the SEER rating. Continue reading to select the best air conditioning unit for your requirements. But first, what exactly is a seer rating? Let us find out. 

What Does SEER Rating Mean?

The SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio, is a rating scale method for assessing air conditioner efficiency in compact, simple figures. The SEER rating for your air conditioner is on a sticker outside the machine. 

What Constitutes a Good SEER Rating?

A SEER rating of 14 or greater is considered good. Today’s average efficiency rating for a central air conditioner is 16, while high-efficiency versions can have high ratings as 23. 

What SEER Rating is Appropriate for your Home?

A one-size-fits-all SEER rating isn’t appropriate for selecting a high-efficiency air conditioning unit because each home’s demands are unique. Newer air conditioners, particularly Energy Star certified, are a continually changing technology that uses less energy than older versions. As a result, regardless of the SEER rating, you save money on cooling your house. 

Advantages of a Higher SEER Rating

While SEER 14 is adequate for most houses, high-efficiency systems are worth considering. Lower energy usage is associated with SEER ratings above 16, which reduces money spent on electricity bills. 

Replace an 8 SEER air conditioner or heat pump with a 16 SEER one to save up to 50% on your energy cost. There are also government incentives and rebates available for high-efficiency air conditioning systems, which can help cover the AC replacement in Desert Hot Springs

Where Can I Find High SEER-Rated Systems?

The right place to look for a high SEER rated air conditioning is through your local HVAC provider.

The installation is vital to your air conditioner’s capacity to keep your house comfortable. An HVAC technician will inspect your property for insulation, floor area, windows, and other elements that influence how well your AC keeps you pleasant. 

With this data in hand, an HVAC professional will assist you in determining the size, cost, and SEER rating that is most suited for you and your house. 

Hermetic is Here to Assist you with your Home Cooling Requirements

If you are puzzled by SEER ratings or want expert information, a Hermetic Heating & Air specialist can assist. Our professionals can check your present system and the house and provide you with options. 

Give us a call for an estimate if you want to replace your present HVAC system with a high-efficiency one. We have several flexible financing options available and will help you through the process for your new system.