What Happens If You Run Your AC Without A Filter?

Air purification is not the purpose of standard HVAC filters. The primary function of a conventional air conditioner filter is to shield the air conditioner from contaminants in the environment.

If you leave your air conditioner running for an extended period without a filter, keep in mind that this could harm the machine. The filters’ job is to remove dust and other particles from the air flowing through the air conditioner’s intake duct.

1. The Function Of An Air Filter In HVAC

A filter prevents dirt and debris from entering an air conditioner and being blown indoors. The air conditioner removes heat from indoor air before recirculating it. The return vent that draws in the air contains a filter separating clean air from dirt and particles in the outside air.

Dust, pet dander, and other contaminants enter your home without a filter. In the long run, this will damage your machine, and you may require AC repair in Desert Hot Springs.

2. Consequences of Running Your AC Without An Air Filter

In the short term, it’s okay to leave a furnace running without a filter overnight, but this should never be the norm. Running an HVAC for an extended period without a filter is potentially significant consequences. When an HVAC is used without a filter, the following problems can occur:

Impure Air

Running an air conditioner without a filter is the most prevalent cause of poor air quality in the home. When an air conditioner runs, dust is swept up and circulated through the house, where it never settles. This dirt remains in the air until someone breathes them in or they clog the unit.

Blocked Drain

Running your AC without a filter clogs the condensate drain, removing excess liquid during dehumidification. Without an air filter, dirt and debris might enter the AC system and clog the condensation drain. As the drain clogs, condensation on the Freon tubing causes water damage.

Hefty Bills

Coils in the evaporator can’t absorb as much heat when they’ve been frozen. To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, your air conditioning unit will have to run longer. Monthly energy expenses may rise as a result of the increasing energy consumption.

Compressor Damage

A clean condenser allows the AC to eliminate system heat. The unit will keep running to cool your indoor environment, but it will fail soon. In the absence of a filter, dirt accumulation will occur much more quickly, leading to your device’s premature failure.

Freezing Coils

Not having a filter in your air conditioner may cause dirt and debris to build up on the coils and fins, resulting in a thick blanket of dust. Thus, the entire air conditioning system in your home will be unable to give you cool, comfortable air.

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