How to Troubleshoot Common Air Conditioner Problems?

Summer’s already here, and it is time for your air conditioner to do its work. Regularly scheduled maintenance tune-ups will help you avoid huge costs for AC repair. You don’t have to be an expert, but knowing the basics might come in handy.

Common problems arise from faulty installation, poor service procedures, and lack of maintenance. Ensure your windows and doors are properly closed and the room is isolated from the rest of the home.

Here Are Some Common Air Conditioner Problems With Handy Solutions

1. Air Conditioner Not Turning On

It is obvious to worry if you wake up and the AC is not working. What you can do is turn the thermostat to a lower temperature. If the problem persists, it might be because the circuit breaker is tripped.

We provide specialized assistance in times like these. Our technicians are trained and certified to diagnose and solve your issues.

2. Air Conditioner Freezing Up

If you notice your outside unit freezing up, it could be due to insufficient airflow, a low level of coolant, low outside temperature, or a stuck contractor.

We recommend you call our experts and have them check problems associated with blower fans, ducts, or other mechanical parts. We provide service in AC Repair in Desert Hot Spring.

3. Refrigerant or Water Leak

It is normal to find some condensation outside the AC unit; excess moisture can signify leaking water. Turn off the AC immediately and reach us at our helpline. Our experts are always ready to assist you. Also, regular maintenance checks can help you prevent leaks and damage to the compressor.

5. AC Not Blowing Cold Air

It can happen in two ways. You may hear your AC running, but there is no air coming out, or you may feel some air out of the ducts, but it doesn’t seem cool. Usually, the breaker is tripped, or the blower belt needs replacement.

6. Weird Noises From AC

A refrigerant leak can produce a hissing sound, thumping or rattling noises can be associated with the blower or motor assembly problems. A faulty compressor or fan motor produces screeching noises. Electrical parts produce a buzzing sound.

8. Problem With Sensor

The unit will go on and off repeatedly if the sensor is out of position. You can adjust it by bending the wire that holds it.

9. Unit Turning Off And on Repeatedly

Short cycling can damage the compressor. It can be due to clogged air filters or the thermostat. Have our team help you measure your home’s cooling needs.

10. AC Tripping Circuit Breaker

Poor AC installation can be a cause. It can be very frustrating, but our team is there for you. We perform thorough wiring inspections with regularly scheduled maintenance checkups.

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