Common Furnace Repairs and Problems You Should Know About

Furnaces are a primary source of heat during the entire winter season. These systems can get easily exhausted and develop problems due to excessive use. If you are searching for heating repair experts in Desert Hot Springs, look no further than Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning

Before you contact us, there are simple DIY quick fixes that you can use to fix the furnace if it is not working correctly. However, if the quick fixes do not work, do not hesitate to get in touch with our technicians to get the furnace system inspected. 

Common Furnace Problems And Their Solutions

Here are some common problems and their solutions to fix them:

    1. Poor Airflow

Clogged filters are one of the most common problems with electric furnaces. Clogged filters limit airflow, forcing your furnace to work harder, which might overheat the heat exchanger and prompt your unit to shut down. Inspecting your filter and replacing the air filter every three months is essential if you want to avoid heating repair services in Desert Hot Springs.

    2. Slack Wire

The vibration from the furnace running might cause the internal wiring to become loose over time. When it becomes too loose, your furnace will short cycle, rendering it inefficient and incapable of heating your home. Finding the damaged wire may take effort, and you should call the heating replacement expert in Desert Hot Springs to replace or repair the problem.

    3. The Furnace Is Not Heating Up

If your thermostat is off or set to a temperature that isn’t comfortable, your air conditioner or heater won’t kick on when you want it to. You can replace the batteries and check the settings to ensure it is properly working.

    4. Pilot Light Issues

The pilot light emits a small flame that burns natural gas to generate power and heat when the furnace is turned on. Your furnace will not be able to create heat without a pilot light. You may hear a clicking sound that indicates the furnace is constantly attempting to switch on, but there is no combustion.

If the pilot light is turned off, you can re-ignite it by referring to the furnace manual. However, if you cannot fix it, a heating repair expert in Desert Hot Springs should address the issues with the pilot light and other components in the ignition assembly.

    5. Malfunctioning Blowers

Your furnace contains a blower mechanism that pushes the heated air through the ductwork to warm your home. If you’ve observed that your furnace is no longer blowing hot air, there could be a few issues that need to be addressed. A scraping sound from your furnace is a sure symptom of a problem with your blower bearings.

Turning off your furnace is a good idea to keep the situation from worsening. Otherwise, you might need to call a heating replacement technician in Desert Hot Springs to replace the blower motor.

Bottom Line

There are some instances when the issue requires the attention of a qualified HVAC specialist. It is not suggested that you attempt to fix complicated issues on your furnace as it might be dangerous if you have no previous experience working on HVAC equipment. 

If you are looking for a heating repair expert in Desert Hot Springs, Hermetic Heating & Air Conditioning technicians can help you. We offer professional HVAC services at budget-friendly rates. Call (760) 894-9065 and schedule an appointment with our expert for a quick inspection.