Things To Be Included In A Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

Regular preventative maintenance of your furnace unit is essential to ensure your system runs securely and effectively during the chilly winter. Additionally, it contributes to increased comfort and reduced utility costs.

However, you must note that preventive furnace maintenance includes several factors that go behind making your machine run optimally throughout the year without demanding frequent replacement or heater tune-up in Desert Hot Springs

Understanding Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Below is a comprehensive furnace upkeep checklist to help you keep your machine running optimally.

  • Upkeep of Furnace Air Filters

The air filter’s job is to prevent particles like dust, dirt, and other impurities from entering the air in your house. The furnace’s return air duct contains the filter, where the fan draws air.

Therefore, you should replace your air filters every 1-3 months if you want to keep a supply of fresh air circulating indoors.

  • Burner Upkeep

The furnace’s burner is the component that burns gas to produce a flame. Since the flame gets burned, the burner is extremely vulnerable to carbon and soot build-up. So it is better to inspect the burner assembly frequently for cleanliness and proper operation.

In addition, turning off the gas and electricity in your furnace is the first step before checking the burners. Never perform furnace maintenance while the electricity is on! Next, open the cover panel so you can see inside your furnace.

  • Burner Manifold Upkeep

In a furnace, fuel is injected into the burners by the manifold. Small orifices facing the burners discharge flame or fuel from the manifold. A valve assembly that is attached to the manifold controls the fuel flow.

Moreover, the burner manifold’s tiny orifices need to be cleaned to ensure they are not blocked. To scrape any accumulation, insert a paperclip or fine wire through the aperture.

  • Flame Sensor Cleaning

The flame sensor is another component that needs upkeep. The flame sensor is a short metal rod in front of one of the burners. The flame sensor’s job is to ensure that all burners are lit. The furnace will get turned off if the flame sensor cannot detect a flame. If all burners are lit, but the flame sensor is dirty, the flame sensor will inadvertently turn off your furnace.

Unplug the flame sensor’s wire and then clean it. Since there is just one wire leading to the flame sensor, it can be easily identified. Typically, a single, readily available screw holds the flame sensor in place. Scrub the metal spike to eliminate any char accumulated after detaching the flame sensor.


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