Is It Worth It To Upgrade To A Two-Stage Air Conditioner?

Investing in a new air conditioner means choosing the right system. Deciding which features in an AC are right for your home can be tough. Nowadays, household owners are turning towards two-stage air conditioners. 

What Do you Mean by a Two-Stage Air Conditioner?

It is a dual system where the temperature plays at two levels: high speed and low speed. It regulates the temperature according to the temperature of the thermostat. If the room temperature is at par with the thermostat, the system will function at a low speed. On the other hand, if the room temperature shifts drastically to a higher degree, the system will start to perform faster. 

Usually, two-stage air conditioners perform at a lower setting most of the time. Only twenty percent of the time is dedicated to a higher speed setting. 

Profitability in Investing in a Dual-Stage Air Conditioner

Longevity of the Cooling System

Since it has two compartments, the compressor is at ease. A single-stage cooling system faces all the pressure by itself, leading to wear and tear of the system. Since the dual system has two areas, the pressure is distributed among the two. Thus, it receives less damage than ordinary ones. Timely maintenance will keep the system in a good place. 

Improvement in Room Temperature

You will observe that there is a fluctuation of temperature in single-stage systems. The two-stage systems are designed in a way that fluctuation will not arise. It will keep the room cool for a long time.

Energy Consumption Capacity is Less

Traditional cooling systems have a low SEER rating than the upgraded new systems. Moreover, since the two-stage HVAC units function at a capacity of sixty to seventy percent, they tend to have a good SEER rating. It means that you will incur a reasonable amount of power bill. 

Difference Between Two-Stage and Single-Stage Air Conditioners

  • For the two-stage system, the temperature can shift to another compartment. The compressor does not take all the load. However, for the latter, there is no in-between. The compressor has to perform with all the pressure.
  • Another feature that the former has is that it runs at approximately seventy percent capacity. The latter operates at a full hundred percent, which means more energy consumption.

Upgraded electronics devices come with a good up-front cost. The two-stage air conditioners seem to be costly. It is worth it for long-run savings on power bills. 

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