How Can I Use My Air Conditioning Unit During The Summer Heat?

Using air conditioning efficiently will help you to cool down your home accurately.

1. Service AC Before Summer

Ensure the filters are clean, have sufficient cooling, and check for leaks and corrosion. Ring our AC Service in Desert Hot Springs to schedule an expert technician.

2. Keep Your AC in Fan Mode

The AC will blow air in the fan mode, allowing more cool air circulation.

3. Maintain Optimum Temperature

Maintain the temperature of AC at 25 to 28 degrees. Though initially, you might find that there is not enough cooling, slowly you will get accustomed. Doing this daily will lower the load on AC, lower power utilization, and lower energy bills. It is all about balancing comfort and cost.

4. Seal The Windows And Doors

Keep the doors and windows closed in any room to improve efficiency, and this helps to speed up cooling the air in the intended space. Avoid direct sunlight, Close your blinds, and check for air leaks in blocked air vents. Seal the cracks and close off gaps under doors. Bringing in warm air from outdoors will make your air conditioner work harder.

5. Leave AC on While You Are Away

If you leave home for a short period, keep your AC running. You will return to a cooler room instead of a hot and stuffy place. Leaving your air conditioner on is more efficient than repeatedly turning it on and off.

The energy used by your AC to restart and cool your home again is more than the energy used to leave it on for some time. Remember, the harder your AC works to cool, the higher the power consumption. Keep it running 5 to 7 degrees lower than the atmospheric temperature.

6. Use the Modes Available in AC Wisely

If your AC has a dry mode, use it when humidity is high or when you do moisture-inducing activities, like taking a shower.

Sleep mode is advantageous; the AC will cool your home for a while and then turn off. Some AC comes with a timer; set the timer to last an hour.

7. Cool Night And The Morning Air

Use the cool air in the early morning and night to your advantage. Open a window to allow fresh air. Avoid doing this midday.

8. Heat Producing Chores

Finish the heat-creating chores early in the morning or before the peak heat timing. Tasks include cooking, baking, and ironing.

9. To Save Electricity, Close Off Unused Rooms

If your house is not entirely occupied, close the air vents in unused rooms or restrooms. Close the doors to these rooms to save energy and keep cool air in the occupied portions of your home. This strategy can occasionally reduce the ambient temperature in your home by a few degrees.

10. Increased AC Efficiency Beats the Summer Heat

Air conditioning is an inevitable cost in summer! Choosing and installing the right fit for your home is the first step. Experts do not recommend excessively huge air conditioners or tiny ones. At Hermetic Heating and Air Conditioning, we can help you choose the right one for AC installation in Desert Hot Springs. Contact us at 760-894-9065 through our website today.